About the Band

Muscle Tough, Philadelphia’s premier Futuristic Funk Fusion trio, specializes in a heavily improvised blend of modal jazz, funk, and rocking psychedelia.

Their creative use of sound design and group-minded improvisation blurs the line between their originals and the quirky pop classics they stretch out on.

In 2023 they released a variety of singles focused on collaborating with jazz luminaries. 2024 promises a new full-length offering with the band in the studio capturing the sprawling energy and genre-defiance of their live shows.

With a revolving door of guests including members of Phish, MMW, Dopapod, Lotus, Snarky Puppy, and DJ Logic, along with a reputation for their sprawling late-night sets, Muscle Tough invites audiences around the world to GET TOUGH!

Band Members: Ross Bellenoit, Jonathan Colman and Joe Baldacci